Impact of CEIAG

CEIAG at Ormiston Chadwick is reviewed on a regular basis. Student surveys are carried out after new experiences or identified visits to ensure quality and effectiveness of these. Student voice will also be surveyed annually in the summer term to assess the strengths and identify areas for development of the programme which will in turn inform future planning.

Staff and parent surveys are also carried out annually to continually assess the effectiveness and success of the careers programme. Education providers and employers are also asked about the access and inclusion of their services and how that can be improved in future years.

Other areas that we assess the impact of the CEIAG programme is by looking at attendance, punctuality, behaviour and outcomes of our students and how they directly relate to certain aspects of the careers opportunities, advice and guidance they have been presented with at OCA.

Impact 2018-19

CEIAG was developed across the academy under the framework of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. Vast progress was made across the academy in how we accessed the 8 Benchmarks both in and out of the classroom and across all 5 year groups. The Compass self evaluation tool was used to identify the progress made from January 2019 to July 2019. Please see the outcome of this below:

The hard work carried out by our Careers Adviser and the intervention put into place as part of the careers programme ensured that 98% of our Year 11 students had provisional destinations prior to them leaving in August. 98% of students have enrolled onto a course at college, started an apprenticeship or employment with training.

Destination Figures 2019

We also track our students who enter into Higher Education. 34 of our Class of 2017 have enrolled onto a University course this September.


Year 8 Parent Survey

Year 9 Parent Survey

Two parent surveys were completed to gain further insight into what is expected and required from these stakeholders as part of their children's careers programme at the school.

Case Studies:

Case Study: 2016 – Sam Horan:

Sam was an in year transfer from Wade Deacon. She displayed very poor behaviour during her time at OCA and had anger issues. Sam enjoyed Science in school, so carried out her Y10 work experience in the Science prep room at OCA as a lab technician. Sam then applied to Gresham in Norfolk for her Post 16 destination, and was successful in being awarded a 2-year scholarship nationally across OAT to enable her to complete her A-Level qualifications there. From this, she was then offered a place at London UCL to study Astrophysics.

Case Study: 2017 – Katie Vickery:

Katie Vickery attended OCA between 2012 to 2017, she was a twin, who’s sister attended the Ashley School. During her time at OCA she was part of our lower ability nurture group and had SEND needs. Katie achieved 1 x Grade 4, 4 x Grade 3’s, 1 x Grade 2, 2 x Level 2 Pass, 1 x Level 1 Pass in her GCSE’s and went onto Riverside College to study a Level 2 in Childcare. She has recently progressed onto her Level 3 Childcare qualification and is working at a local Nursery School with the hope of one day becoming a Social Worker. Katie has worked extremely hard to get to this stage of her life and continues to succeed.

Case Study: 2017 – Michael Rowlands:

Michael was poorly behaved throughout school particularly during Years 7 to 10, had numerous behaviour reports. He improved in Year 11, gained some low-grade GCSE’s. Michael had a number of external barriers with a tough background and home life. Dad was terminally ill, so Michael does a lot caring for his family and younger siblings. Michael came back to work at OCA as a cleaner, but then left to attend a part time course on police cadet training to graduate to the police force full time in 2020.