As staff we play a vital part in ensuring our students gain the best information, advice and guidance possible to prepare them for life once they leave OCA. It is our duty to ensure CEIAG is embedded into the curriculum so our students understand not only its importance, but also its relevance.

We will strive to make sure students are aware in every subject how various roles, responsibilities various workplaces and life skills fit into that subject area, alongside the potential career paths that may be derived from exploring a pathway in that subject.

CEIAG literature, posters and information is displayed in each subject areas of the school and staff submit a yearly overview of how they will embed careers into lessons. You will also see evidence of this in the CEIAG programme for each year group as the subject content id identified throughout the year.

Being up to date with current Labour Market developments is essential, as this again fits into every subject area and is relevant to the career paths developing within that subject area and how the growth market changes can inform students as to which career paths they may like to choose. We provide labour market information during morning enrichment sessions and within subject delivery.

Continued Professional Development will be available for all staff to access at various points throughout the year as part of the CPL programme. There are also resources available for staff to access in the CEIAG Hub (N6) at any time. Finally, the CEIAG leads will continually keep you updated with any changes, updates or CPD opportunities that may arise throughout the year.

Any further information you need please see the CEIAG leads Lauren McNeill and Hannah Killigrew

Miss McNeill – [email protected]

Miss Killigrew – [email protected]