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The Academy supports its staff at all times through a comprehensive professional development system that is designed to secure outstanding achievement for all of our students.

Our INSET programme is designed to enable all staff to work on their individual targets with a number of twilight sessions run throughout the year. These sessions are compulsory for all staff and designed to meet the needs of the individual as well as the wider school development plan. These include Literacy, Differentiation and PM amongst others. Many of the twilight sessions are bespoke.  Each member of staff chooses an area they most need to focus on from a comprehensive menu. Training sessions are linked to teacher standards and are certified. The final part of this programme is the faculty twilight INSETs that Heads of Faculty direct depending on the needs of their team as a whole. The Teaching and Learning team support every part of this programme.

Current and aspiring leaders are further supported by our Friday Leaders programme. These sessions are open to any member of staff and cover a wide variety of topics that apply to all levels of leadership.

Our staff also embark on lesson study throughout the year. Lesson study allows staff to observe each other more informally, work across faculties and really focus on a specific area of pedagogical practice. These sessions are run over the course of a term and staff work in small teams to experiment and try new things.

Finally every member of staff has the right to a coach within the academy to support in all aspects of school life. These coaches are trained staff who are part of our Lead Practitioner team. You can sign up for a coach in the contact us section.

The Teaching and Learning Team is wide ranging in its expertise and is therefore perfectly placed to support any member of staff in the academy.

The team is led by Assistant Principal Jennifer Lowry-Johnson who has overall responsibility for Teaching and Learning in the academy. Jennifer's office is located on the ground floor at the end of the science corridor.   

Paula Boyd-Rugen is in charge of NQT and School Direct training and development.

The wider team is then made up of the Lead Practitioners taken from a cross section of staff across the academy. These staff are able to support in many different ways and will often be seen delivering INSET during academy twilights.  All of these staff are at various stages of the SSAT accreditation for Lead Practitioners and are trained as coaches. Should you require the support of a coach then it will be one of these staff that support you.