Helping Your Child At Home

Modern Foreign Languages




English Literature

If you wish to purchase any Language revision guides, make sure that they follow the EDUQAS specification.

English Literature

Paper 1 – Romeo and Juliet

A Christmas Carol

Paper 2:

An Inspector Calls

Power and Conflict Poetry

Unseen Poetry

If you wish to purchase any Literature revision guides, make sure that they follow the AQA specification.

Support with mental Health

Staying Safe Online

Take a look –

It is the fast moving pace of technology that makes it hard for parents to ensure their children remain safe. The NSPCC have teamed up with O2 to produce an excellent resource for parents that is keeping up with new sites and methods of communication.

You may have also head of ‘sexting’. Our safeguarding policy details the school’s actions with regard to this. Here is a summary of the steps taken – Young Person Produced Sexual Images .

Other useful websites for online safety:

Dealing with Exam Stress

Exams are a stressful time for any person.

Mood swings & outbursts are more likely to occur during this period. Look out for other signs that your young person might be struggling, including poor sleep patterns/a change in appetite or behaviour. It’s worth preparing ways of supporting your young person during exam weeks & thinking about how you will react & respond on the day if they don’t get the result that they, or you, are hoping for.

Things that can help:

  • Work with then to find what revision style works best for them.
  • Encourage them to take revision breaks & find a balance between studying & doing things they find enjoyable & relaxing.
  • Make sure they are eating & drinking at regular intervals.
  • Encourage them to take some time after revising to wind down.
  • Reassure them – reinforce that you are & will be proud of them no matter what happens.
  • Remain positive & hopeful!
  • Plan a treat or an activity together to mark the end of the exams.
  • Set aside one to one time so that they can talk to you about any worries.
  • Let them know their feelings are valid & normal, but also offer support & solutions where possible.
  • Anxiety is often worst at night & this means it is useful to encourage a good bedtime routine.
  • Work with them to develop relaxation techniques.
  • Help them create a self soothe/coping kit. This is a box that contains things that ground them, make them feel more relaxed & reduce symptoms of panic, anxiety or low mood. It should include a range of sensory items to help focus their mind.
  • If anxiety & stress start impacting their day-to-day life, seek help from your GP.

How can OCA Help?

  • Speak to their form tutor/teacher(s) to find out what revision techniques they recommend.
  • If they are struggling with a specific subject, talk to the relevant teacher & explore whether they can provide additional help.
  • See if school can provide can help with any practical steps including revision timetables.
  • If they have additional learning or developmental needs, speak to the SEND Department & establish what specialist provision they can put in place.