Personal Development

Department Staffing & Roles

  • Miss Killigrew – Leader of Personal Development
  • Miss McNeill – Leader of Personal Development

Form tutors will deliver subject content

Through our subject, we believe in educating the whole child and are committed to nurturing personal development and creating forward thinking and responsible citizens. We are committed to ensuring that all OCA students in both KS3 and KS4 understand and respect the ever-changing multi-cultural and multi-faith nature of the community of Great Britain through study underpinned by the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance. We have an exciting and thorough Personal Development curriculum that covers key elements of PSHE, RSE, Citizenship, RE and CEIAG.

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Personal Development lessons will see students taken off timetable once every two weeks for a Personal Development lesson.

  • Year 7: 21 hours/year
  • Year 8: 21 hours/year
  • Year 9: 21 hours/year
  • Year 10: 21 hours/year
  • Year 11: 16 hours/year

In addition morning enrichment will provide students with opportunities to explore current affairs and develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Links to 8 the Gatsby Benchmarks can be found in CEIAG audit

As well as in school education, our subject provides ample opportunity for students to develop via experience of external speakers, workshops and educational visits.

The aim of Personal Development lessons is to nurture our students into responsible and productive members of society. This includes the provision of skills which will enable employability across a range of sectors. In addition to this, during CEIAG focussed lessons, students will be given opportunity to look more closely at specific careers and pathways and will meet and engage with potential future employers.

From Spring 2, Year 11 Personal Development sessions will provide additional time for the provision of GCSE content.

Opportunities for students to develop their cultural experience and capital will be gained through external speakers and workshops. In addition, educational visits will take place. This will include:


Please see Policies for our PSHE policy and Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Policy. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the Personal Development Curriculum please contact Miss Killigrew either by ringing school or by emailing  [email protected] or Miss McNeill [email protected].

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