Year 6 - Transition

Year 6 Data Collection Sheet

Welcome to OCA’s transition page, here you can find lots of information about OCA and your transition to high school.


Welcome to Team OCA, we are so happy to have you join our team and are excited to meet you all on our Transition days and then in September! It is exciting that transition is the beginning of your 5 year journey with us.

We begin by laying the foundations in Year 7 and then students progress by exploring embedding and developing their knowledge and understanding ready for them to master these skills in Year 11 and their GCSE exams and beyond for a successful future.

What Being an OCAER Means

When you join OCA you will hear everyone talk about our core values. These are: Originality, Community, Aspiration, Excellence and Respect! We teach and foster these core values to help make you a true OCAER and to give you the foundations for a successful future!

People You Need to Know

  • Mrs Lowry-Johnson is our Principal, she runs our school and sets the standards and expectations we have.
  • Mrs Johnson is the Vice Principal, she plans out your curriculum.
  • Mrs Hatch is Head of Safeguarding, she will help you if you have any problems or need any support.
  • Mrs O’Rourke is SENDCO, she will help you if you have any special educational needs.
  • Mrs Pope and Miss Owen are your Heads of Year they will look after you and help you day to day.
  • Form tutors, you will each have a form tutor that you will check in with every day, they teach you important topics and lessons during our Morning Enrichment and are always to track your progress.

Keeping you updated

If you have any questions about the transition period or starting at OCA then you can contact us via:

Extra Information

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