Year 11

Mr Lewis
Email - [email protected]

Head of Year 11

Assistant Head of Year

Mrs James - [email protected]

Form Tutors

11MCN - Ms Cookson - [email protected]

11JSR - Miss Sinclair - [email protected]

11CCL - Miss Coldwell - [email protected]

11SSN - Miss Skellington - [email protected]

11SME - Mr Harding - [email protected]

11YGY - Mrs Guy - [email protected]

11EMY - Miss McEvoy - [email protected]

11PGD - Mr Greathead - [email protected]

This is a fantastic team of staff that will support and guide you through year 11. All are very experienced and have many years of pastoral work between them. Year 11 is a rewarding year when all your hard work over five years comes to an end with your exams. I cannot pretend it will be easy. It will have its ups and downs, but we will get through it together.

There is much to look forward to including choosing where you will go and what you will do when you leave OCA, the prom and of course exam success. To achieve the best this year you will have to work hard, ask for help, listen, and take the guidance to help you meet the challenges you will face.

We look forward to seeing the students thrive this year both in all their subjects.

Advice and Guidance

This year is about you making the best possible progress you can. You will be given regular updates about how you are progressing by your teachers and form tutors.

You will all be assigned an Academic Mentor. Your mentor will meet with you on a regular basis and help you address any issues or concerns you may have. They will help with revision strategies and in producing a timetable, so you have a work life balance. They will assist in the subjects you are feeling less confident in.

There will be assemblies from a range of Further Education providers to help you decide on your next steps and a Careers Fair to help you make the best decisions for your future career choice. Miss Martindale is always available for any further information you require.

On Saturdays, in the mornings and during the holidays, staff will run a range of intervention sessions that you will be able to attend to help you with your academic progress. There is also a comprehensive enrichment programme – details below.


Year 11 have an intervention timetable based on their exam subjects. Staff will let students know if they need to attend these sessions. Each students timetable is personalised to them. If you wish for a copy of this, please contact your child’s form tutor.

Attendance and Punctuality

Our motto will be ‘every lesson counts’.

Attendance is vital this year especially as we have just had time away from school due to the pandemic.  As lessons resume it is vital, they are attended, and work is completed to the best of your ability.

Missing school time has a serious impact on exam performance. As a result, all students should aim for at least 97% attendance and if possible 100%. Similarly, punctuality is crucially important. Students need to equip themselves with the skills that employer’s value such as good punctuality. In addition, many students will attend intervention sessions in their morning registration period, so a prompt start is essential.

Working Together

School life is not just about academic success. It is also about becoming a positive member of society who improves the lives of others around them. I am proud of the role year 11 play in our school. They are excellent role models to our younger students and the positive way staff and students talk about them is testimony to this. The Year 11 leadership team take an active role in school life helping at events, undertaking duties, supporting the house system and delivering assemblies.

Targets for students in Year 11

  • Achieve 97% or higher in terms of attendance.
  • Attend all enrichment and intervention sessions as required by your teachers.
  • Know your Progress 8 scores and set yourself targets to improve this.

We have extremely high expectations and aim to ensure that every child in Year 11 is happy and successful

Good Luck Class of 2022

If you need to contact Mr Lewis, please contact the school office or email [email protected]