Year 11

Mr D Lewis
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Head of Year 11

Assistant Head of Year

Mrs M James – [email protected]

Form Tutors

Welcome to the Year 11 Team page. Within Year 11 we aspire to work together as a team with the same goal; success for all of the individuals within the cohort. OCA’s core values and visions are at the heart of what we do; always striving to do everything to the best of our ability (Age Quod Agis) and being a true OCAER!

Advice and Guidance

As a team we have high expectations, we expect everyone to strive to give the best of their ability at all times. We are committed to supporting our students; building the resilience and confidence needed to tackle any obstacles or challenges, with the aim of their success at the heart of our mission. We hope that with these skills students are able to tackle any obstacles or challenges in order to achieve their goals and aspirations and for them to lead a fulfilling life.

As Year 11 students, they have experienced the transition to high school, moved through KS3 and are now reaching the peak of the exciting journey that is KS4 and their GCSEs. Having experienced each year of high school we expect them to set an example to the other students, showing the values of originality, community, aspiration, excellence and respect.

We follow the academy’s mission that ‘we will make the biggest difference to the lives of all our students by laying the foundations to encourage a successful future. We will develop inspirational, forward thinking young people who gain skills, knowledge and qualifications to lead happy and deeply rewarding lives.’


Throughout the school year there will be extra-curricular activities, career fairs, visitors, workshops and more to support the goals and aspirations of our students and to show them the next steps and skills needed for future careers. The Year 11 Team is expected to take charge of their own future and engage with these opportunities designed to benefit, enhance and support students; showing them the potential they have, careers they may be unaware of and pathways they may choose to take.

As Year 11 students there is a detailed intervention timetable available to students both before and after school. Each student will have a timetable personal to them based on their needs and exam subjects.

There will be assemblies from a range of Further Education providers and Morning Enrichment will provide you with the appropriate skills to navigate your way through this. There are personal development lessons this year which will cover a wide range of topics to help students understand the world around them, covering: finance, cooking, life skills, virtual work experience, money management, interview skills and jobs around the world.

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance is vital with the knowledge that every lesson counts. As the world recovers from the pandemic students must engage and attend every session in order to fully benefit from our curriculum.  

Attendance is of the upmost importance to all students as missing school can have a huge impact on a students’ understanding and progress. Students should aim for at least 97% and if possible 100%.

Equal to this, punctuality is just as important and can equate to huge amounts of time lost/gained. All students are expected to turn up to school and lessons on time, fully equipped and ready to learn. As Year 11 students there are vital morning and afterschool interventions that will boost their progress and academic success, so poor attendance will be detrimental for students.

As Year 11 students they are about to embark on their journey to higher education or employment therefore students need to equip themselves with the skills that employer’s value such as good attendance, punctuality and reliability.

Working Together

I am extremely proud of our Year 11 Team and the progress they have made, both academically and socially. As a team we understand that mistakes can be made, which we accept providing we learn from them. We will always strive to be the best and to deliver everything we can in order to provide success, not just academically but personally too.

The Year 11 Team is expected to be proactive in asking for help and support, in setting themselves targets and goals and utilising the support offered to them by the academy. The Year 11 leadership team also take an active role in school life, helping at events, undertaking duties and supporting our house system.


We expect students to follow all of the academy rules such as:

  • Following the uniform policy dressing appropriately for a working environment.
  • Having excellent attendance (97%+) and punctuality and following up on any missed work or opportunities.
  • Attending an intervention or enrichment to further enrich and enhance knowledge, interests and skills in and outside of the classroom.
  • Displaying the highest standard of behaviour both in and around the classroom and academy and setting an example to all younger year groups.
  • Displaying the values and ethos of the Year 11 Team, showing kindness, resilience, perseverance and a willingness to learn and develop.
  • To always work to the best of their ability, to treat everyone with kindness and to never give up!

This year should be used as an opportunity to master skills and knowledge learnt in previous years.

Should you need to contact one of the team you can do this through the school office or our emails that have been provided.

Good Luck Class of 2024

Year 11 is a rewarding year when all your hard work over five years comes to an end with your exams. We cannot pretend it will be easy. It will have its ups and downs, but we will get through it together, as a team!

If you need to contact Mr Lewis, please contact the school office or email [email protected]