Remote Education

During lock down high-quality remote lessons were uploaded and delivered live to students via Microsoft Teams. We ensured all students had access to appropriate/suitable home learning resources and technology within the home. On return to school subjects created recovery curriculums to ensure any lost learning was addressed. Departments audited areas for recovery and we introduced an interleaving curriculum wherever possible to make cross curricular connections and links to further embed knowledge. PITSTOP lessons were introduced to ensure any gaps in knowledge were plugged at the end of every half term due to students having to isolate.

As part of our standard practice, staff continue to upload every lesson on Teams daily to enable retrieval and facilitate students who are absent at any point. This also applies to any student out of lessons, including any student withdrawn from lessons or suspended from school, ensuring they are able to continue accessing the lesson via Teams. We continue with our PITSTOP lessons that were introduced due to students having to isolate. These lessons are a time where we stop and reflect on the learning that has taken place to date ensuring that any gaps in knowledge are plugged before continuing on the learning journey. PITSTOPs have continued to evolve and are now also used prior to exams to personalise learning and aid retrieval of knowledge.

You can read all about our remote education experiences here in Educate magazine.

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