Uniform specifications

Please note, uniform can not be purchased from the school.

Black blazer with school crestBlack blazer with school crest
Plain white shirt (blazer must be worn at all times)Plain white shirt (blazer must be worn at all times)
Black pinafore or skirt in a suitable school style to knee, or black, tailored trousersGrey V-neck jumper with school crest
Black tights, black or grey socksBlack, taileored trousers
Plain black shoes (no canvas or trainer shoes)Black or grey socks
School tie*Plain black shoes (no canvas or trainer shoes)
School tie*

* Ties

  • Years 7 and 8 students wear yellow/gold ties. Year 7 students will be given a yellow/gold tie when joining us in September
  • Years 9 and 10 wear violet/purple ties
  • Year 11 wear red ties. These will be given to you when you start Year 11.

PE Kit

Purple polo shirt or T-shirt with school crestPurple polo shirt or T-shirt with school crest
Black quarter-zip top with school crestBlack quarter-zip top with school crest
Black tracksuit pants with school crest (optional)Black tracksuit pants with school crest (optional)
Black shorts with school crestBlack shorts with school crest
Black sports socksBlack sports socks
Training shoesTraining shoes/football boots


Hair must be neat, tidy and must not cover the eyes. There must be no extreme haircuts or colours.

Jewellery and makeup

No jewellery other than one pair of small studs in plain gold silver (sleeper) earrings that must be removed for PE. No makeup, coloured nail varnish or acrylic nails to be worn.

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