Year 7

Mrs H Pope
Email- [email protected]

Head of Year 7

Assistant Head of Year

Miss K Owen – [email protected]

Form Tutors 

This is a new, but experienced team who are here to help you settle into secondary school life. There is a lot to look forward to at this new and exciting time; making new friends, studying new subjects and learning new skills. 

I look forward to seeing all students develop and thrive this year and set the foundations for an excellent five years at Ormiston Chadwick Academy. 

Advice and Guidance 

This year is about learning new things as well as developing skills. You will be given regular updates on how you are progressing from your form tutor and subject teacher.

Your head of year and form tutor are always there to offer support and guidance and answer all your questions. If parents / carers require any help or have any questions regarding students, then please do not hesitate to contact their form tutor or head of year 


You will have a full whole school enrichment programme which will be individually tailored to each pupil. This is your opportunity to learn new skills and develop confidence in things you may not have tried before to ensure you make the most of your time at secondary school. 

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance is of the up most importance to all pupils. Students should aim for 97% or above and if possible 100%. Punctuality is also just as important. All students are expected to turn up to school and lessons on time, fully equipped and ready to learn. 

Working Together

School life is not just about academic success. It is also about becoming a positive member of society who improves the lives of others around them. I want all our students to achieve success, to build their confidence and excel at everything they set their minds too. All students within the year group should work as part of a team and be there to help and support each other in everything we do together. 

Targets for students in Year 7:

  • Achieve 97% or higher in terms of attendance. 
  • Attend all enrichment and intervention sessions as required by your teachers. 
  • Build positive and long-lasting relationships with both staff and pupils. 
  • Have excellent punctuality. 
  • Have excellent attitude to learning. 

I have extremely high expectations and aim to ensure that every child in Year 7 feels happy and safe within school. 

Good Luck Class of 2027

If you need to contact Mrs Pope, please contact the school office or email [email protected]