Academy Performance

Progress 8 is the measure of progress against available student data from Primary Schools. If all students were to make predicted progress, then the school Progress 8 would be 0.00. A Progress 8 of 1.00 would indicate that every student has performed on average at 1 grade higher than expected across all their subjects.

Attainment 8 is a measure of attainment for all students in the year group. It is the total points score from a student’s best 8 subjects (a Grade 9 scores 9 points, down to 1 from Grade 1). Maths and 1 English grade score double.

Number of Students179147132123
Progress 80.190.710.670.59
Attainment 847.7447.1348.9147.30
Five GCSEs at 5+ incl Maths and English41.90%40.8%36.6%31.7%
Five GCSEs at 4+ incl Maths and English64.20%63.3%68.9%60.2%
Maths P80.060.620.690.06
English P8-0.10.320.070.02