Assessment & Reporting

KS3 Assessment

Starting Profiles were introduced in December 2020 for the reporting of progress at Key Stage 3. Students were assigned Starting Profiles (1 – 4) depending on their scores at KS2 or from data gathered on admission (e.g. CATs and GL Assessments). Students without data are automatically assigned an SP3. Typically about 8% of students are SP1 (highest) and 20% SP4, with the rest spread across SP2 and SP3. These can then be correlated with expected progress at Key Stage 4, but only as a rough guide.

Progress Profiles (replacements for Grade Cards) are issued termly (see below) and show progress against a student’s Starting Profile in each subject. Students will be reported as:

  • Inadequate Progress
  • Requires Improvement
  • Expected Progress
  • Above Expected
  • Outstanding Progress

These 5 statements are also used in the annual report each student receives.

KS4 Assessment

Grade Cards are issued throughout the year (see below) and show a students predicted results at the end of Year 11, as well as their Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores.


At Key Stage 3 parents receive Progress Profiles in:

  • Autumn 2 (December)
  • Spring 2 (Easter)
  • Summer 2 (June)

In Year 10 parents receive Grade Cards in:

  • Autumn 2 (December)
  • Spring 2 (Easter)
  • Summer 2 (June)

In Year 11 parents receive Grade Cards in:

  • Autumn 1 (October)
  • Autumn 2 (December)
  • Spring 1 (February)
  • Spring 2 (Easter)
  • Summer 1 (May)

Annual Reports are issued throughout the year, rather than all at one in the Summer Term. For the school year 2021-2022, dates are:

7wc 21.03.2022
8wc 31.01.2022
9wc 16.05.2022
10wc 18.07.2022
11wc 13.12.2021