Whole-school Literacy

Literacy Strategy

Literacy is about our students’ ability to function in society as well as the school setting. It is about their development as responsible, respectful and active citizens that contribute positively to society. Literacy will have an impact on our students’ self-esteem, their resilience, their independence, their interaction with others, their health and employability. It is so much more than reading, writing, speaking & listening. It is imperative that connections are made between each strand and across all subjects as we acknowledge that Literacy is the responsibility of all staff.

Ormiston Chadwick Academy believes that the acquisition and application of literacy skills is the foundation of all learning across all key stages and that it is the responsibility of all staff to improve the communication and language skills of all learners preparing our students for a life in modern Britain. Our students are entering the Academy with depressed levels of literacy which is increasing year on year and hence we are committed to enhancing and embedding Literacy Across the Curriculum throughout the Academy by:

  • Following the structure of the National Curriculum.
  • All Key Stage 3 students follow Ark Mastery in English; grammar and writing is taught explicitly in lessons.
  • Nurture classes in Key Stage 3 are taught in small groups to enable specialist and bespoke strategies for these classes.
  • Ensuring that all learners enjoy Literacy by enriching the curriculum with visits and visitors to the school. (Styal Mill, cross curricular residentials, touring theatre companies etc.)
  • Ensuring all subject areas enhance and exploit Literacy in all lessons by referring implementing reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary activities into lessons.
  • Provide all staff with a ‘How to guide,’ detailing suggestions for activities to incorporate literacy in all lessons.
  • Monitoring teaching and learning to provide feedback to bring about improvement and celebrate success.
  • Providing support and information to parents/carers about Literacy and Reading and how they can help their children.
  • Giving all learners access to the appropriate learning methods and new technology which will help to provide personalised learning.
  • As part of the Academy’s Personal Development programme, all students have an extended registration each morning in which to revisit and consolidate literacy through a range of activities.
  • Family Talking Points to get families conversing are shared with students via the Morning Enrichment programme each week.
  • Implementing and embedding common vocabulary via WOW words in Morning Enrichment. Our WOWs reflect our values of Originality, Communication, Aspiration, Excellence and Respect which our students promote in daily life and beyond.