Ice Skating World Champion

Leah Rose Whyatt in Year 11 is a British Champion!

Leah and her team Twizzles, competed at the British Championships for Synchronized Ice Skating and they won!. 

In Twizzles they won their category and they were crowned British champions!

Her other team, Whizz Kids were placed 2nd in their category which is Senior B and one of the highest categories you can get. However, they nearly didn’t get to the competition as they had a bad accident in their practice skate when one of the girls being lifted came crashing down on Leah and two other girls in the group. She ended up in hospital but thankfully she is fine. The rest of the team were understandably shaken but managed to keep themselves together after having a very emotional and stressful couple of hours.

Many congratulations to Leah and both her teams!