Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

14 year 10 students completed their qualifying expedition for their Silver Duke of Edinburgh award from 6th -8th July. With bags heavier than themselves, they set off to Bibby's Farm in Chorley for the hardest 3 days of their lives!

The students walked 46km in total across 3 days and it was a huge challenge in the heat! The students also cooked 2 meals per day from scratch. The trip should have been sponsored by Spam, the amount of tins the students cooked! A highlight was JG and CJ being so proud of their fried Spam butties! 

Students worked so hard all weekend, even when they were very tired and achy! They were a real credit to OCA and the expedition was the final step after a year of working towards the award. 

All of the students really embraced the experience and made the most of it; they truly deserve the award. However, Miss Lindberg never wants to hear another football chant again! (especially at 11pm!!)