We intend for our pupils to be fluent, enthusiastic and motivated readers whilst developing their confidence in reading a wide variety of genre and text types. We encourage a love of literature and enjoyment of reading for pleasure and we use reading to provoke thought within our pupils.

Over the past three years approximately 31% of our pupils have entered the Academy with reading ages below their chronological age. We believe reading is a skill that enables all of our pupils to develop their learning across the wider curriculum and lay the foundations for success in future lines of study and employment.


  • Our specialised Reading Intervention Tutor follows the intense ReadWriteInc FreshStart scheme with pupils whose reading age is significantly below their chronological age.
  • Providing support and information to parents/carers about Literacy and Reading and how they can help their children.
  • Pupils reading ages are tested three times a year in order to inform intervention and measure improvements. In addition:
    • Reading ages are shared so all teaching staff may set and differentiate pupils’ work accordingly.
    • A letter to parents is sent out informing them of their child’s reading age and what interventions are put in place.
    • Small group/1:1 reading intervention for identified students is put in place.
    • The reading age also informs the examinations officer and teachers of any extra support a student may require.
    • Year 7 reading intervention during Personal Development called Reading PALS with strong Year 10 readers.
  • Students in Years 7-10 read ‘form books’ using the primary school model of shared reading and ‘popcorn’ reading. The books address the themes being taught in the Personal Development curriculum and link to our core values.