Assessment Calendar

Whole school assessment windows for all year groups take place in Autumn 2 (November), Spring 2 (March) and Summer 2 (June).  During each assessment window students will complete assessments in each of their subjects. Below are the dates for each calendared Assessment Window for this academic year:

  • 1 – Monday 13th November – Friday 1st December 2023
  • 2 – Monday 26th February – Friday 15th March 2024
  • 3 – Monday 24th June – Friday 28th June 2024

In addition to whole school assessment windows, there will be other formal assessments that take place during the academic year. These assessments will be in line with subject specific schemes of learning so may fall at any point during that half term.

To support students when preparing for assessment windows, we have introduced a revision mat which outlines the topics studied to date in each subject area. Each assessment window a new revision mat will be released. Please see below for links to assessment window revision mats.

Assessment Window 1 Revision Mats 

Assessment Window 2 Revision Mats 

Assessment Window 3 Revision Mats

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